Платье в стиле бэби долл

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It is time to indulge in the luxurious feel of babydolls from Myntra. This unique type of lingerie always works when it comes to feeling absolutely attractive from within and looking hot on the outside. Myntra’s babydoll dresses nightwear collection features a wide range of steamy designs, guaranteed to style you up for a special time with a significant other. The silky and smooth material with which these clothes are crafted ensures that your skin stays comfortable. You do not have to wait for a special evening in the distant future to feel attractive. Download our shopping app and buy your favourite babydoll nightwear right away!


Embrace your beautiful feminine form along with its undeniably attractive vibes, with top-notch lingerie brands from Myntra. These brands feature the finest of fabrics infused with the latest in international designs.

Turn on your hotness quotient with the following four types of babydoll lingerie for women:

  1. Give in to the silky feel of satin fabrics that look unbeatably beautiful. Pick up a set of two babydoll nighties in cosy colours such as pink and purple. These silky nighties would have adjustable shoulder straps and pretty flounce details on the neck and hem. Asymmetrical hemlines add to the stylish elements of these attractive dresses.
  2. Your hotness quotient is going to go sky-high with our see-through net babydoll nightdress collection. Pick up a hot red self-design dress with shoulder straps and a halter neck style. Or go for a sexy black babydoll which is covered in lace patterns and comes with a black thong.
  3. Add a dash of cuteness to your evening look with printed cotton babydoll dresses. Select a green and orange tropical-print dress with a V neck. Or go with a beige and black printed dress with lace trims. Stay cool in the night this summer with these cotton fabrics.
  4. Keep an eye out for unique designs, fabrics and patterns. For instance, you can pick up a halter-neck velvet dress in red or green. Or opt for a black polyester dress with cutout details and ruffles. Pick up a printed babydoll set which comes with a bra and panties. Select babydoll dresses with robes to add an extra layer of surprise, or for a chilly night.

And there are more varieties to select from our babydoll online collection. You can find the best price babydolls at Myntra; stock up on as many hot garments as you like.


You can shop online for the most attractive of dresses in complete comfort at Myntra. Browse through a wide range of lingerie from the privacy of your home. View our long lineup of functional and trendy nightdresses. Our bra collection brings you excellent fits in different size and styling options. Team up your bras with smart panties from Myntra. Check out other varieties of innerwear. Layer up with comfortable camisoles from our online store.

VIDEO: Myntra’s Fashion Quiz to Test Lingerie IQ of People

The video checks lingerie IQ of various boys and girls where they are asked to identify and name different lingerie items. The first item shown to people was Babydoll and people identified it as night dress, transparent lingerie, gown, nighty, Sunny Leone only one girl identifies it as babydoll. Next item shown was Tummy Tucker and people identified it as Vest, Briefs, mini-skirt, short skirt, frock type, compression short, swimwear, off-shoulder top, corset, tube top only one or two were able to recognise correctly as tummy tucker. Next item shown was Corset and people identified it as dress which Rani Mukherkee worn in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, children top, ladies top, skin fit top, petticoat, kids baniyaan, funky inside jacket but finally a girl identified it as a corset. Another item shown was Stick on Bra to and people identified it as bra, shape provider, stick in bras, cups, cup bra, padded bra, push-up bra. Another lingerie item shown was strapless bra and people identified it as inner-wear, bra, push-up bra, padded bra and finally one girl identified it correctly.

Главные особенности

Платья бэби долл – воплощение женственности и беззащитности. Прелесть представленной модели в том, что она способна добавлять образу сексуальности, не делая его при этом вульгарным, вызывающим.


У платьица есть ряд отличительных особенностей, выделяющих их среди других нарядов. У него короткая длина. Невозможно увидеть платьишко длиннее колена, как правило, подол выше. Девушкам очень нравятся модели мини, на 20-30 см выше колен.

Платье имеет пышную расклешенную юбку. Она может быть многослойной. Такой вариант смотрится легко, кокетливо. Популярностью пользуются изделия с завышенной линией талии. Многих привлекает форма трапеция.

В разных вариантах выполняется декольте. При желании подчеркнуть линию груди, девушки выбирают вариант с открытой зоной декольте

Важно, что даже в таком варианте бэби долл не выглядит вульгарно

Стильная модель предусматривает открытые руки. Популярны модели с рукавами фонариками и крылышками.  Это создает проблему для тех, кто не может похвастаться изящными руками, считая их проблемной зоной. Дизайнеры стараются максимально использовать цветность. Изделия привлекают яркостью, сочностью, оригинальными принтами. Кутюрье не забывают о привлекательном декоре, что, безусловно, нравится модницам. Зная особенности стиля, девушка с легкостью сделает успешный выбор, наслаждаясь обновкой.

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